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Blast freezers

The commercial blast freezers offered by GEMM are getting quickly lower the temperature at the core of products, allowing an excellent and efficient conservation of food.

The rapid reduction of temperature, thanks to blast freezers, allows the preservation of food from bacterial attack, extending the period of conservation and avoiding the loss of weight of products, as well as the alteration of nutritional and organoleptic properties.

For example, the reduction of temperature is essential in the fishing industry: all the restaurants that serve raw fish are obliged, by law, to use professional blast chillers. These appliances allow chefs to freeze fish in a short time in order to avoid the risk of parasitic and bacterial infections, thanks to the very low temperature at which food is stored for at least 24 hours.

Observing this process in detail, during the negative blast chilling (freezing) of raw products, the formation of micro-crystals begins. These crystals preserve cell structure and, therefore, ensure the conservation for a longer period. Our commercial blast chillers and freezers of our line called NEW RUNNER are precious allies to preserve the freshness of food with the maximum hygiene and flexibility: these appliances allow professionals to manage the production process and avoid waste of food, offering considerable advantages in terms of time and cost reduction.

Contact GEMM staff, our experts in refrigeration systems will give you accurate, precise, and personalized advice to help you find the best solutions according to your needs.

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