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Our professional refrigerators for pizzerias



In order to produce delicious pizzas, it is necessary to have high-quality equipment specifically dedicated to pizzerias! Our commercial pizza refrigerators are reliable and are equipped with numerous compartments to store all the different ingredients and garnishes with the purpose of making work more efficient.

Among GEMM’s products there are refrigerated modular pizza counters, with various compartment to store dough and ingredients, high-performance upright refrigerated cabinets with different dimensions, retarder prover cabinets and much more.

GEMM, leading company in the field of refrigeration dedicated to the conservation of food, constantly invests in research and development in order to offer reliable, efficient and durable equipment. Our professional and commercial pizza refrigerators can provide the right support also for the tightest working activities.

GEMM professional equipment for pizzerias has been carefully designed to ease the job of chefs. For example, all the compartments for ingredients are easy to reach, and intuitive touch screens have been integrated into refrigeration and retarder prover systems, to set the right temperature according to the different needs and working cycles.

Browse our online catalogue and discover GEMM’s wide range of commercial pizza refrigerators, that have been synonymous with quality and reliability for over 20 years. Contact us for any question or information, we are at your complete disposal!