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Liters capacity

Retarder prover cabinets

GEMM offers a wide range of retarder prover cabinets, tables and freezers specifically realized for different sectors: discover all our products for pastry laboratories, bakeries, and pizzerias.

Retarder prover cabinets are fundamental appliances to manage and control the leavening cycle for all the professionals who work in bakeries, pastry laboratories and pizzerias. Among the advantages of using retarder prover cabinets and tables, there is the possibility of planning working activities according to personal needs: thanks to this type of equipment, it is possible to store every kind of dough without altering its characteristics and then start the leavening process at the right moment before continuing the following processing phases.

Thanks to the use of retarder prover cabinets, it is possible to set the correct temperature, humidity, and ventilation, going from a “cold” phase to store food to a “hot” phase that allows the leavening process. All this is done with the maximum ease and precision thanks to the use of a 5-inch touch electronic control board.

Our line of products for pastry laboratories, bakeries, and pizzerias, called PLANET, is divided into three categories: retarder prover cabinets, tables, and freezers. Each appliance is developed and produced with the maximum care to create reliable and durable professional products.

Contact us and choose with our experts the best retarder prover cabinet for your pastry laboratory, pizzeria, or bakery.



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