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Ice Cream

The perfect ice cream cabinets for a soft and creamy dessert


Ice Cream

Refrigeration equipment is essential for every professional of confectionery industry and, especially, for those people who run an ice-cream shop. Having professional and reliable ice cream cabinets, that can work continuously even with scorching temperatures, is fundamental to offer customers excellent and high-quality products.

GEMM produces different commercial ice cream equipment, such as upright cabinets, blast freezers and refrigerated bases and counters. They are specially made to withstand an intensive and daily use, a tight pace of work and hot temperatures, and at the same time to ensure the perfect conservation of ice cream. GEMM ice cream cabinets allow professionals, in small and big ice-cream shops, to offer their customers ice creams at the right temperature and with perfect organoleptic features.

All our commercial ice cream freezers are designed and produced in order to be easy to use, highly intuitive, durable and with great performance! Discover GEMM professional ice cream cabinets or contact us for further information! GEMM staff will be happy to help you choose the most suitable equipment for your needs.